National Beard & Moustache Championship Event Campaign

Beard Team USA is hosting the National Beard and Moustache Championships in Bend, OR. This campaign is meant to raise awareness of the event. Beards, and especially moustaches, have become very popular recently. This set of collateral is intended to capitalise on the popularity by using illustrations of beards and moustaches. To give the feeling of competition, inspiration was drawn from Boxing posters of the 50s. Also, the color palate was inspired by art from India because of their great respect for beards and facial hair.

Poster: 11" X 17"
Flier: 7" X 10"
Tags: 2" X 2.5" - Stickers: 6" X 2.75"
Coasters: 3.5"
Badges: 4" X 2.5"
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